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Art by: Chuck & Dianne Geier
Creating new ideas from out of the past...

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Did you know the making of Spoon and Fork Jewelry got its real start during the Depression? Boys didn’t have jobs – and little money, so they would sneak pieces of their own Mother’s silver to create a beautiful spoon ring or fork jewelry piece for that special girl. Many of your Grandparents probably have a story like this!

Click on any of the thumbnail Galleries below to see all of the different spoon and fork jewelry pieces you can order for yourself or as a unique gift item for your own special friend. All are customizable to meet your own definition of “Unique”!

Due to the changing availability of antique silverware pieces, please be aware that the pictures shown are just samples of our products. The patterns shown are not always what we have in stock. We Try to keep hundreds of different patterns in stock at all times and to show them all here wouldn’t leave us any time to make our artwork…:-) Check out our Pattern Style page or gallery to help you get an idea of what you might like. If we don’t have exactly what is pictured, we will do our best to match it as closely as possible. A particular year or actual pattern can help, too.

All our pictured artwork is recycled, silverplate Antique flatware. Sterling available on request, but the price will sure be different!

If you have any questions prior to placing your order, please feel free to call or Email.

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